Deploying and Hosting Jekyll on Ravello Systems

Did you know you could get host your own blog on Ravello Systems? Its actually quite easy and even easier with Jekyll. Jekyll is a great static content platform perfect for hosting your blog. It is all based on html/css/markdown and requires absolutely no database. Please use my previous blog on how to get it deployed. Disclaimer: This is in no way supported or recommended by Ravello Systems, running this 24x7 even with 1CPU will consume most of your free trial/vExpert hours.

How To Deploy a Jekyll Blog

So after getting my blog up and running I figured I would do a quick how-to, on how to get a blog up and running. Its actually something you can do in less than 15 minutes. ~ $ gem install jekyll ~ $ jekyll new myblog ~ $ cd myblog ~/myblog $ jekyll serve # => Now browse to http://localhost:4000 and you will see the blog running! Easy Enough? Now how do you create a blog post?

Welcome to Jekyll!

New Blog Platform! I have had a bit of issues with performance on my blog recently and looking on how to not overpay for hosting services. A good friend of mine suggested using Jekyll and GitHub Pages, so I took the challenge. Within a day I was able to get my blog posts exported from Wordpress and published on a new platform and it was quite simple! Be on the lookout for some upcoming posts.