Horizon View - Block Linux VDI Console Access

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So I have had some time to play around with the new Linux Horizon View Agent and using Ubuntu as a VDI guest and it works pretty well. However as most of us have seen, when a user is logged onto the guest the screen is shown in the console. In some organizations this may pose a privacy or security risk.

Right now there is no true workaround as that is how the view session is handled, however there is a workaround to disable console access.

To disable console access perform the following steps.

  1. Shutdown VM.
  2. Edit Settings
  3. Select Options Tab, General and then select Configuration Parameters
  4. Select Add Row
  • For Name type in RemoteDisplay.maxConnections
  • For Value type in 0
  1. Hit OK, and Power on your VM.

This does limit some troubleshooting as if a user has issues you wont be able to see the console of the VM, but it is currently the only workaround and has a small tradeoff.

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