Unregistering vSphere 6 VCSA from PSC

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So I am in the process of doing some vSphere 6 testing and needed to test a redeployment of one of my VCSA’s. The problem is when I went to redeploy it I got the following error.

Decoding the error, I pretty much figured that the object already existed in the SSO database and I needed to delete the existing object. Here is how you do that.

  • Log in as root to the appliance shell of the Platform Services Controller appliance with which the vCenter Server Appliance is registered.
  • To enable the Bash shell, run the shell.set –enabled true command.
    • Run the shell command to start the Bash shell and log in.
  • Run the cmsso-util unregister command to unregister the powered off vCenter Server Appliance.
    • cmsso-util unregister –node-pnid vCenter-FQDNorIP –username administrator@your_domain_name –passwd vCenter-Single-Sign-On-password

The object is now deleted and you can redeploy your VCSA!

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