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    Section 10: Administer and Manage vSphere Virtual Machines

Section 10: Administer and Manage vSphere Virtual Machines

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Section 10 of the VCP6-DCV blueprint

Objective 10.1: Configure Advanced vSphere Virtual Machine Settings

  • Determine how using a shared USB device impacts the environment
  • Configure virtual machines for vGPUs, DirectPath I/O and SR-IOV
  • Configure virtual machines for multicore vCPUs
  • Differentiate virtual machine configuration settings
  • Interpret virtual machine configuration files (.vmx) settings
  • Enable/disable advanced virtual machine settings

Objective 10.2: Create and Manage a Multi-site Content Library

  • Publish a content catalog
  • Subscribe to a published catalog
  • Determine which privileges are required to globally manage a content catalog
  • Compare the functionality of Automatic sync and On-Demand sync
  • Configure Content Library to work across sites
  • Configure Content Library authentication
  • Set/configure Content Library roles
  • Add/remove Content Libraries

Objective 10.3: Configure and Maintain a vCloud Air Connection

  • Create a VPN connection between vCloud Air and an on-premise site
  • Deploy a virtual machine using vCloud Air
  • Migrate a virtual machine to vCloud Air
  • Verify VPN connection configuration to vCloud Air
  • Configure vCenter Server connection to vCloud Air
  • Configure replicated objects in vCloud Air Disaster Recovery service
  • Given a scenario, determine the required settings for virtual machines deployed in vCloud Air

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