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    Section 9: Configure and Administer vSphere Availability Solutions

Section 9: Configure and Administer vSphere Availability Solutions

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Section 9 of the VCP6-DCV blueprint

Objective 9.1: Configure Advanced vSphere HA Features

  • Modify vSphere HA advanced cluster settings
  • Configure a network for use with HA heartbeats
  • Apply an admission control policy for HA
  • Enable/disable advanced vSphere HA settings
  • Configure different heartbeat datastores for an HA cluster
  • Apply virtual machine monitoring for a cluster
  • Configure Virtual Machine Component Protection (VMCP) settings
  • Implement vSphere HA on a Virtual SAN cluster
  • Explain how vSphere HA communicates with Distributed Resource Scheduler and Distributed Power Management

Objective 9.2: Configure Advanced vSphere DRS Features

  • Configure VM-Host affinity/anti-affinity rules
  • Configure VM-VM affinity/anti-affinity rules
  • Add/remove Host DRS Group
  • Add/remove virtual machine DRS Group
  • Enable/disable Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) affinity rules
  • Configure the proper Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) automation level based on a set of business requirements
  • Explain how DRS affinity rules effect virtual machine placement

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