Using Veeam Powershell to Manage ReIP Rules

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Hello! Welcome to my First Veeam PowerShell Script! I have been working on tons of migrations using Veeam Backup and Replication and need to create re-ip rules to update the static IP assignments. Obviously the first rule of scripting if you do something more than once, automate! I was bad at this one, I originally tried and gave up so I did about 20 manually which started to become a huge headache.

Thanks to Marcus Puckett (@mpuckett259) he helped me on the side figure out the syntax to get the rule to append and not overwrite. See below for the script. Check out the Github for the bits!


Preparing to Execute the Script

The script is pretty straight forward, just update the CSV file and then you execute the script.

#Define Variables
        HelpMessage='Path to CSV to Import')]

#Load Veeam Plugin
Add-PSSnapin -Name VeeamPSSnapIn -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

#Check if CSV was specified, if not prompt.
If($csvlist -eq $NULL){
    $csvlist = Read-host -Prompt "Csv to import"
If((Test-Path $csvlist) -eq $False){Write-host "Could not find CSV.";break}

#Import CSV
$iplist = Import-csv "$csvlist"

#Cycle through each row and add in the ReIP Rule
Foreach ($item in $iplist) {
  $Description = $item.Description
  $Job = $item.Job
  $SourceIp = $item.SourceIp
  $SourceMask = $item.SourceMask
  $TargetIp = $item.TargetIp
  $TargetMask = $item.TargetMask
  $TargetGateway = $item.TargetGateway
  $DNS1 = $item.DNS1
  $DNS2 = $item.DNS2

  $currentiprules = Get-VBRJob -Name $Job | Get-VBRViReplicaReIpRule
  $newiprule = New-VBRViReplicaReIpRule -SourceIp $SourceIp -SourceMask $SourceMask -TargetIp $TargetIp -TargetMask $TargetMask -TargetGateway $TargetGateway -DNS $DNS1,$DNS2 -Description $Description
  $newrules = @($currentiprules) + @($newiprule)
  $replicajob = Get-VBRJob -Name $Job
  Set-VBRViReplicaJob -Job $replicajob -EnableReIp -ReIpRule $newrules


Execute the Script

  • Run .\Create-VeeamReIPRule.ps1 pathto.csv
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