Functional Branding of vSphere Web Client Logon Page

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I had a use case I wanted to investigate in regards to the new VCHA that is part of VMware vCenter Server 6.5. One thing I noticed, is when you have VCHA configured, there is no way to know which node of the HA cluster you are connecting to without being logged on.

As people have noted before William Lam’s - How to Customize Webclient Login UI

I figured since I am using the embedded SSO, I could update the login page to show any information for that particular node. In my case I updated the text to show which node you are connected to. You can see this without even logging in!

How can I do this you ask? Easy! You just need to update one file, two if you would like to update your logo…

  • Logon to your PSC or VC with Embedded PSC via SSH or FTP.
  • Make sure to backup the files before making any changes!
  • Update the following file /usr/lib/vmware-sso/vmware-sts/webapps/websso/WEB-INF/views/unpentry.jsp
    • If you look at lines 126-131, you can see a few lines of code you will need to update.
    • Line 127 - You can input your text here, my example was to post if i was connected to Primary or Secondary.
    • Line 130 - I commented out to hide the “VMware vCenter Single Sign-on” logo.
  • To update your logo, you can overwrite the following file /usr/lib/vmware-sso/vmware-sts/webapps/websso/resources/img/vmwareLogoBigger.png
    • You may need to adjust your logo size for the right look
  • Save and Upload your file and refresh your webclient UI and you will see your new branding!

Here is a snippet of my code.

1   <div id="productName">
2  Welcome to my Homelab!</br><h6>Connected to Primary Appliance (vcsa6-01.lab.local)</h6></br>
3    <script type="text/javascript">
4      if (isVCLogin()) {
5        //document.write("<img id=\"VCSSO-Title\" src=\"../../resources/img/VCSSO-title.png\" />");
6      }

Please note this is #unsupported, but extremely useful! Hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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