To Infinity and Beyond

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Life can always surprise you. For the past few years I have been chasing the dream like most to work for the “mothership” and recently the calling came.

This month, I will be joining the CPBU at VMware as a Technical Marketing Engineer focused on vSphere upgrades. I will be working alongside Adam Eckerle, Emad Younis, Kyle Ruddy, Mike Foley, Brian Graf, Nigel Hickey and more!

Nigel has it perfect when he titled his announcement “Oh the places you’ll go”. This job will include quite a bit of travel, both domestic and international, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I am extremely glad to have a great support system at home from my wife and kids. I am also grateful for the #vCommunity as well for everything that has happened to allow me to pursue this dream.

The past few years working at Avast Software have been great. Through different teams, bosses and acquisitions it has helped me grow stronger. I will miss all my colleagues greatly.

But now to focus on the future and what comes next…..

To Infinity and Beyond!

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