Published on February 4, 2016 under Automation
In the midst of playing with Ansible and figured my most common use case would be executing powershell scripts on remote servers, so scavenged around and put this together. Pre-Requsites ansible ansible-winrm Link to Git Project ansible_powershell Preparing to Execute the Script This script assumes you have already installed and configured Ansible, downloaded the Git Repo and installed the WinRM python module. Define your group variables.
Published on February 3, 2016 under Automation
In the midst of rolling out Cisco ACI, we have a need to automation creation of filters to apply to contracts. I tried to use the ACI-PowerTool for this task, however it doesnt seem to work with the newer code we are on. So I went back and attempted to use the ansible modules and it worked flawlessly, below is a sample playbook that will create a filter and add the associated filter entries.