Published on August 9, 2016 under Microsoft
I have been knee deep in migrations, so after clicking through a few times to create clustered file shares, I finally decided to script them. Here is that script I thought I would share. Thanksfully there was the NTFSSecurity module published by microsoft that makes permissions a breeze. You can get more details by viewing the module page. Pre-Requsites NTFS Security Module Link to Script Create-SMBShare.
Published on October 1, 2015 under Automation
So I am in the process of rolling out a new 2012R2 DHCP Server Cluster, and I thought i would share my scripts with the community. I have also rolled it into a Vagrant package so you can easily test it on your own, and execute the scripts by themselves against your environment to deploy. Here is a link to the GitHub repository containing all the code. The code is also fairly simple, it pulls in data from a few .
Published on September 11, 2014 under Microsoft
So upon trying to install .Net 3.5 on a new server today it would not allow me to, it kept telling me the source files were unavailable even after pointing to source directly to multiple ISO’s and copied the files locally. Upon further research I stumbled across this microsoft KB article and used it to ultimately find my fix. KB2734782 Here are the full steps I followed to get .NET installed.